Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About ConcreteAstonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Three Important Guidelines for Concrete Core Drilling Projects

Concrete core drilling is an important process during major renovations and general house improvement. Basically, this is a technique that is designed to cut into cured and established concrete, creating a precise hole and yielding a cylinder of the concrete material. You will need to perform this task in your home if you are planning on installing a network of data cabling, plumbing or electrical wires in concrete. Moreover, the core material obtained after drilling can be used for testing the quality of concrete. Here are simple guidelines to help you plan for your concrete core drilling project.

Consider Concrete Scanning

One of the main problems that you must consider before concrete core drilling is the potential damage of important assets within the pertinent feature. In simple terms, most established concrete structures have assets such as reinforced bars, plumbing pipes and even electrical conduits within them. These are usually installed during the initial construction of the building or feature. If the concrete is drilled blindly, your home could sustain significant but entirely avoidable problems. Therefore, consider engaging a concrete scanning expert with ground penetrating radar equipment or similar machinery to determine the position of any assessment under the concrete before disturbance.

Choose the Right Equipment

You should think about the concrete coring machinery during your planning stage. Generally, if you are using a specialist concrete drilling contractor, they will provide the appropriate equipment. However, you can acquire your own drill from a construction equipment rental company. This is an ideal option if your contractor cannot meet your exact requirements. When choosing the concrete core drill, consider the powering options. The three common types are electric, pneumatic and standard petrol equipment and they will require the corresponding power input. If you want your house walls drilled, it is critical to acquire a machine with a stand that can anchor to a vertical surface. You should also discuss technical factors like concrete hardness, speed and drill bits with your supplier.

Avoid Overzealous Drilling

You should perform thorough estimation of the required drilled holes in your concrete structure with your contractor's assistance. The most appropriate critical aspects with regard to core drilling are diameter and depth. This cutting process is invasive, and the penetration can leave significant scars and even compromise the integrity of your concrete. Therefore, avoid overzealous drilling choices and select drilling diameters and depths that are only sufficient for extracting a sample core or fitting piping or cables. Ensure that there is no wasted drilled space to avoid unexpected concrete structural problems.