Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About ConcreteAstonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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2 Essential Concrete Features For Your Gaudi-Inspired Patio

Whether you've visited Barcelona, or only dreamed about it, you may be in awe of the stunning creations of renowned architect Antoni Gaudi which are feature prominently around the Spanish city. Gaudi's designs are characterised by the use of organic and geometric shapes, bold coloured glass and ceramics, and a heavily Middle Eastern influence.

If you're planning a new patio and you're a fan of Gaudi's work, then you may like to consider a Gaudi-inspired theme for the design. Here are two essential concrete features to include to achieve a beautiful and unique patio.

1. A colourful concrete slab

The foundation for your Gaudi-inspired patio will look incredible with the use of concrete and brilliantly coloured exposed aggregate. Aggregate is a component of the concrete mix which is used to help the concrete bind together effectively, and is generally made up of bluestone, gravel, or crushed, recycled concrete.

You can create a dazzling effect by substituting the generic aggregate with brightly coloured glass stones or chips. Using a variety of colours and sizes will ensure a vibrant and eclectic look that will really bring your concrete patio foundation to life. Giving the edges of your concrete foundations a wavy, organic shape instead of the usual square or rectangular shape will also add to Gaudi-like look. Your concrete contractor will be able to do this by using curved formwork made from timber.

2. Moulded concrete features

Concrete is a very versatile material, and can be moulded into almost any shape you desire. For your Gaudi-inspired patio, you can create some functional art by having some creative formwork built by your concrete contractors. Low, curved walls which double as seating, geometric planter boxes, and individual pot plant holders can all be easily created with concrete.

To continue with the theme, you can use the same concrete with the colourful exposed aggregate that was used to create your patio's foundations. If you're feeling extra creative, then stick with plain concrete and then create a mosaic look afterwards using a stucco style render and small pieces of glass, ceramic tiles, and even brightly coloured pieces of crockery. You can stick with simple geometric shapes or create intricate patterns; the only limit is your imagination.

With a bit of creative thinking and the help of an experienced concrete contractor, you'll be able to create a beautiful, relaxing, and colourful new outdoor space for your home. A Gaudi-inspired patio will be the ideal place to enjoy a chilled Rioja and some home-made Tapas with your family and friends.