Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About ConcreteAstonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

Do you want to learn about concrete? Do you want repair tips or design ideas? If so, you have come to the right place. Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Ginny, and as a photographer, I am a very visual person. I always notice when concrete is cracked or blemished, and recently, I learned how to fix a few of those small issues on my own. I plan to share some of those tips in this blog. I also plan to write about acid staining concrete, stamping and other interesting ideas. If you own a home or a business and you are thinking about updating your concrete, I invite you to take a look at my posts. Thank you for reading!

Quick Tips for Restoring the Look of Your Home's Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is a very durable material that is used, not just outside for driveways and walkways, but also inside for basements and subfloors. As durable as it is, concrete can become weathered and pitted, even indoors, and this can look unsightly on any surface. You don't need to put up with unsightly walkways, driveways, garage floors, and basement walls when the concrete gets a bit old, and you don't need to necessarily tear it up and replace the material either. Note a few quick tips for restoring the look of your home's concrete surfaces, and then discuss your options with a contractor.

1. Grinding

Grinding doesn't refer to actually grinding up concrete into dust, but refers to grinding the top layer of concrete so that it becomes smooth; this is similar to buffing a glass surface. Grinding your concrete surface can remove those pitted areas and small cracks; this can make your concrete look better and can also make it safer for walking, as you're less likely to trip on chips and cracks when you choose concrete grinding. Grinding is a popular choice for garage floors and basement floors, as this smooth surface can make the floors seem more appropriate for indoors and make them look less industrial. If you have any questions about grinding, consider contacting a local concrete cutting specialist, such as Kwik Cut.

2. Painting or Stamping

Did you know that concrete could be painted? It's good to choose a paint meant specifically for concrete or cement so you know it will adhere properly without peeling off, but this can make your basement walls and floor or garage floor look fresh and new; you can even paint your home's driveway to coordinate with your house color.

Stamping refers to  putting a type of paint or coating on the concrete to make it look like another material, such as stone. This is a good choice for walkways, patios, and other areas where you want a decorative look.

3. Aggregate

Aggregate refers to a material that you mix with concrete to make it bumpier and to give it a certain texture. Aggregate can be colored pebbles or smooth glass. If your original concrete did not have aggregate added, you might have a new layer of concrete put over the top of your old concrete with an aggregate added in. This can give the area texture and color; it can also make driveways and walkways safer, as the aggregate adds traction for when the concrete gets wet or icy.