Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About ConcreteAstonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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3 Benefits of Honed Polished Concrete

If you want to install a polished concrete floor, then you can choose from different polishing techniques. The technique you use affects the way the floor looks, works and lasts.

Honed polishing should definitely go on your research shortlist. This polishing technique uses fine abrasives to create a gloss finish on set concrete. What are the advantages of using this technique on your concrete floor?

1. Get a More Subtle Matte Effect

While you might not like the dull effect of unpolished concrete, you might not want to go for a highly-polished shine on your floor. A completely glossy surface might be too much for your room or space.

If you use honed concrete polishing, then you get some shine without the glare. The abrasives add some gloss to the surface without giving too strong a finish. They can also grind away the top level of the concrete to reveal the more attractive aggregates that sit under the surface.

After polishing, your floor will have a subtle glossiness that reflects light well without causing any glare. Your floor will look polished; however, you get more of a delicate matte effect.

2. Get a Stronger Surface

While concrete is naturally strong, it can still get damaged. If your floor will have a lot of foot traffic or might be subject to spills or accidents, then it might not stay intact. It might scuff, chip or stain.

Honed polishing helps you create a stronger and more resistant surface. After the top layers of the concrete are abraded away, you apply specialist sealants to the floor. In honing, these sealants seep down into the surface; they don't just sit on its top.

You get a stronger floor that is less likely to suffer from damage even in areas with high foot traffic. Your floor should be able to resist stains and other types of damage.

3. Get Better Slip Resistance

You might worry that a polished floor will be slippery to walk on. You might be concerned that people could slip and fall on the surface if it is too glossy.

Honed polishing gives you the right level of shine without any added slipperiness. The polishing process gives the surface a better frictional grip while still making it look smooth. If you use penetrative sealants, then they also help keep the surface safer to walk on without accidents.

To find out more about honed concrete and its benefits, contact a local company that offers polished concrete services.