Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About ConcreteAstonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Astonishing Facts and Amazing Information About Concrete

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Some Questions to Ask a Commercial Kerbing Contractor

Commercial kerbing, or concrete borders, can add visual interest to any area. Kerbing can work as a retainer for moisture and soil and also create an attractive edging around your landscaping or along a driveway or walkway. When you're ready to discuss your options with a commercial kerbing contractor, note a few important questions to ask him or her so you know what's involved and are sure the job will be done right.

1. Ask how to avoid cracking and increase the lifespan of the kerbing

Concrete will eventually crack and have pits and other damage form due to exposure to weather and moisture. However, kerbing will typically include some type of strengthening material under the kerbing to keep it looking good for as long as possible; this is usually a metal fiber mesh that resembles chicken wire, or even actual rebar. Ask what your choices are for this type of strengthening agent and if the contractor would recommend a particular type, given the amount of moisture in the area, weather conditions, and other such factors that would affect the lifespan of your kerbing. You may want to invest in the strongest material available even if it's more costly if you know your area has drainage issues or if the kerbing will be exposed to extremes in weather.

As with concrete poured on a driveway, you might also want to add a sealant or other protective material to the kerbing every year or every few years, depending on the recommendations of your kerbing contractor. Be sure you ask about this and follow their guidelines; too much sealant might actually cause water to pool around the concrete and do more harm than good, and using the wrong sealant can mean not protecting the kerbing at all.

2. Ask about any exceptions to their guarantee

Most kerbing contractors will offer a guarantee for their work, but always ask about exceptions. This can include damage caused by lawn care equipment such as mowers or damage caused by a vehicle running over the kerbing. You want to ensure you know about these exceptions so you can call the kerbing company if the product does fail within that guaranteed timeframe but also know if the guarantee won't be valid because you've caused the damage yourself. This can also ensure you know how to protect the kerbing; if damage caused by lawn care equipment is not covered, be sure you don't run over it with the mower or drive a trailer over it, so as to avoid damage you'll need to pay for yourself.

Keep these questions in mind as you talk to local commercial kerbing contractors, and you'll be sure to find the right contractors for the results you want.